Today’s tarot forecast 

The world - you are ascending to a new level , this spiritual energy is showing you favor .your connection with the divine feminine energy has helped you to conquer lower vibrational obstacles. It is as of you are born again! Transformation and leveling up is a beautiful thing but it doesn’t mean that you won’t meet other obstacles. You can now apply the wisdom that you have gained from past experiences. It is time to remove any lower influences that bring you down. It’s harder to keep people or things around that aren’t mentally/spiritually /creatively on your same level, I know it’s hard and weird to detach yourself from what’s familiar but  this journey is all about evolution. You are not being sensitive or to harsh, you have to put your self first !

The empress - it’s time to unlock and access your confidence,You run this shit !! You rule with love and you are beautiful. Your intuition has never led your astray. Your knowledge is deeply rooted and unlimited , celebrate that. Get comfortable being in this position ,aspen yourself with your magical oils and crystals. 

8 of pentacles 

All of your hard work is going to pay off. Your job is to focus on the vision! Your job is NOT to worry or compare yourself to others. Everyone gets their day in the sun 🌞, be thankful that you have more time to perfect your craft. You know the importance of discipline. You know what it feels like to have and to be without. If you feel like others around you aren’t supportive of you or do see your value ..... don’t worry they will 

Solaris the Hii Priestess